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Do you need extra security? Contact us with SecureDrop.
American Ledger’s SecureDrop is a protected way for the public to communicate with us. With SecureDrop, you can send us messages or documents with greater privacy and safety than traditional e-mail. SecureDrop is based on Tor, an application that encrypts your online communications and prevents third parties from learning your IP address.
How to use it:
1. Using a public Internet connection at a place -- such as a coffee shop -- that you don't usually go to, download and install the Tor browser from
2. Go to this web address in the Tor browser: ngtorpo4prwaafte.onion.
3. You will be taken to American Ledger's SecureDrop page. From this page, you will be able to send messages or materials to American Ledger securely. 
4. SecureDrop will automatically create a code name for you. Keep this secret and safe. Using this code name, you will be able to log back into the site to check for responses from us.
How Secure is This?
Professional-grade security measures embedded in SecureDrop and the American Ledger website minimize the risk to people sharing confidential information with us. Of course, all digital communication leaves some traces, so despite these precautions it is possible a third party could determine your identify or the content of your communications with us.
Our precautions include encrypting site traffic with HTTPS, anatomizing your online activity with Tor, encrypting your communications with us, and by keeping almost no records of your visit on our servers.
Additionally, you should take some or all of the following steps to secure your digital footprint:
- Use a clean computer to send us messages, one that you do not regularly use and which does not have enterprise software installed on it.
- Do not retain a copy of your messages (or your secure code name) on your computer.
- Remove personally identifying information from any messages or materials you send us, including automatically generated metadata (for example, the "Author" name Microsoft Word adds to the metadata of every document).
- Use an operating system that prioritizes your digital privacy, such as Tails, available at
American Ledger makes best efforts to keep the identities of those who share information with us confidential. We offer SecureDrop with no warranty; your use of the system is at your own risk, on an "as is" basis.