In an interview with CNBC in January, President Donald Trump made clear his intent to cut Medicare and Social Security should he be reelected to a second term. “At some point they will be,” Trump said. “At the right time, we will take a look at that.”

Despite continuing to evade questions on the matter, unelected Arizona Senator Martha McSally appears to share Trump’s position on cutting these critical programs.

In October 2017, McSally voted in favor of turning Medicare into a voucher program, a move that would put the critical health services that millions of American seniors rely on in the hands of a for-profit, private industry. This move would likely raise costs and reduce benefits for elderly Americans who have being paying into the program their entire lives

In 2016, a McSally spokesperson indicated that she wasn’t opposed to the Paul Ryan proposal to privatize Medicare. McSally had previously signaled her support for the privatization of Medicare as far back as 2012.

McSally has also previously advocated for raising the age of eligibility to draw Social Security benefits, stating that she did not believe younger workers should be able to retire at 65 because of a “decade of irresponsible spending” by the federal government.

However, in 2017 McSally voted for the president’s marquee legislative achievement – The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – which funneled billions in unpaid tax cuts to the top 1% of Americans and large corporations, which is estimated to add trillions to the currently growing national debt.

In November, McSally will again be seeking election as U.S. Senator for Arizona, even though a majority of Arizonans rejected her just two years ago. Republican Governor Doug Ducey appointed her to serve in John McCain’s vacant seat after the former incumbent passed away in 2018.


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