In breaking audio from last Thursday, Virginia State Sen. Amanda Chase asserted that she was now allowed to defy local police and park wherever she wants at the Virginia State Capitol building because she carries a handgun.

“I pretty much park where I need to now, so. They don’t ever give me issues now,” Chase said. “Um, I should have let them know I was carrying a lot earlier.”

Chase’s anti-police comments, made at a T.E.A. Party Meeting in King William County Virginia, indirectly reference a Virginia Capitol Police report from April describing Chase verbally harassing a local police officer for asking Chase to move her vehicle from a pedestrian parking spot.

“I am not going to move unless you let the fucking barricades down to let me in,” Chase said at the time, according to the report. “‘Do you know who I am?’, ‘I’m Senator Chase!’, ‘Don’t you see it on my license plate!?’, ‘But I guess you don’t care!’”

The report also states Chase used a derogatory comment to complain to the officer about Senate Clerk Susan Clarke Schaar’s parking space, saying  ‘Madame Clerk, Miss Piggy gets to park her fat ass up front.’”

In November, Chase is running for reelection to represent Virginia’s 11th District in the state senate.

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