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Foreign Policy | Texas

Ignoring Texas Farmers’ Pain, John Cornyn Says There Is Nothing He Can Do About Trump’s Trade Wars

By Cole Driver on April 30, 2019.

During a stop in Lubbock, Texas, earlier this month, Sen. John Cornyn appeared to dismiss the economic pain the Trump administration‚Äôs trade wars have caused to U.S. farmers, saying ‚ÄĒ incorrectly ‚ÄĒ there was nothing Congress could do to defuse tensions between Washington and its trading partners.

Accountability | Florida

Curbelo Received Thousands from Lobbyists for Maduro and His Cronies

By Tyler Bilbo on November 4, 2018.

Rep. Carlos Curbelo recently called on his opponent to return a contribution from a Democratic congresswoman his spokesperson labeled a ‚ÄúMaduro and Castro sympathizer.‚ÄĚ However, Curbelo, a Miami Republican, had no problem taking thousands of dollars from the Maduro regime‚Äôs American lobbyists.