This month, Virginia State Sen. Amanda Chase uploaded flyers to her Facebook site touting the lawmaker as “Our Education Senator” in an obvious attempt to whitewash her lengthy anti-education record. Chase has a history of supporting funding cuts for public education and even once bragged about opposing pay raises for Virginia teachers.

In 2016, Chase was the only Virginia state senator to vote against a budget measure that funded a 2% increase in base pay for Virginia teachers. Chase later bragged about her vote, stating “we made all these promises to state workers and teachers to get a raise and…I voted no (laughs) against the budget. I was the one no vote in the Senate on this.”

Again in 2016, Chase sponsored HB 389, which aimed to slash funding from Virginia’s public school system, instead allocating those public funds into a privatized system of “parental choice.”

A school voucher system — similar to the one described in the bills voted for by Chase — is widely opposed by educators across the country, who argue that it diverts money from public schools to private schools that primarily cater to the wealthy.

Then-Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe vetoed the bill, stating that it would “codify inequality” in Virginia.

And in 2017, Chase was a sponsor of HB 1605vetoed by Gov. McAuliffe — which similarly aimed to allocate public school funding towards “parental choice” accounts.

In November, Chase is running for reelection to represent Virginia’s 11th District in the state senate.

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