Over the course of four years, employees and family members connected to the Forcht Group — a notorious retirement and financial conglomerate in Kentucky, riddled with a history of sexual abuse lawsuits — donated over $37,000 to Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin as he ushered a bill into law designed to shield organizations like the Forcht Group from legal peril.

Between 2006 and 2011, the Forcht Group paid out hundreds of thousands in a litany of malpractice and sexual abuse lawsuits alleged against one of the organization’s healthcare facilities, including one case in 2009 where two male residents sexually abused an elderly widow, and Alzheimer’s patient, in her 80s.

The State of Kentucky said the nursing home “failed to protect” its residents from sexual predation.

But that didn’t stop Bevin from taking money from the organization, or his running mate Ralph Alvarado — a licensed physician —  from ushering in a bill designed to protect organizations like the Forcht Group from ongoing lawsuits. The Forcht group had spent a decade lobbying for this exact bill.

In January 2017, Alvarado — who had already been announced as Bevin’s running mate — cosponsored SB 4, a law designed to force retirement home malpractice lawsuits to be presented in front of a medical review board before being argued in court.

Attorney Christopher Goode, who represented nursing home residents and their families, alleged the law was put into place to “delay” the process, further complicating the suit at hand.

Roughly five months before Bevin signed SB4 into law in March 2017, Terry Forcht gave $15,000 to Kentucky Tomorrow, a super PAC supporting Bevin’s reelection. In the year after Bevin signed SB4, Forcht followed that up with an additional $25,000 donation to Kentucky Tomorrow.

In November, Bevin is seeking reelection to be Kentucky Governor.


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