Last week, in a last ditch effort to bolster Gov. Matt Bevin’s reelection campaign, the Republican Governors Association released an ad deceitfully implying that Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear is currently supporting a “government take over of healthcare,” without any shred of evidence.

The ad makes the claim while flashing pictures of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders on the screen. But according to a review by American Ledger, the evidence supporting this claim is virtually nonexistent, making the RGA’s new ad an apparent attempt to defraud Kentucky voters with blatantly false information.

In their ad, the only evidence the RGA cites in support of their argument is Beshear’s support for Medicaid expansion in Kentucky. Medicaid expansion — which aims to boost coverage for lower income Americans — is starkly different than an alleged “government take over of healthcare,” and has a bipartisan history of support among Democrats and Republicans, including Mike Pence during his tenure as Gov. of Indiana.

Because of its thinly sourced information, the RGA ad falls on its own sword by criticizing Beshear for holding the same healthcare position that was previously held by the current Vice President of the United States. In January 2015, then Gov. Pence requested federal funding from the Obama Administration to support Medicaid expansion in the State of Indiana.

Recent polling has shown that Matt Bevin — the least popular Governor in America — is currently losing in his head to head match up with Beshear.

As November approaches, it is likely that Bevin-aligned groups, such as the RGA, will continue broadcasting blatantly false information in their attempt to help Matt Bevin hang on to his post as Kentucky Governor.

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