Rep. Martha McSally used her congressional office to campaign in Maricopa County — far from the district she represents — during her contentious Republican Senate primary in Arizona, according to an American Ledger analysis.

In her capacity as a congresswoman, McSally attended events in the Phoenix area and when her office would post about them on social media, her campaign would redistribute the messages.

McSally represents southern Arizona’s 2nd District, about two hours outside of Arizona’s population base in Phoenix. Any statewide campaign like hers had to run through the capital.

In an interview last month, McSally noted how expensive the primary campaign was, and attending events in her official capacity allowed her Washington office — funded by taxpayers — to give her campaign a boost.

“The primary was expensive,” McSally told a Southern California radio host. “Having to spend money in primary…we do need contributions.”

When Martha McSally attended an Arizona Farm Bureau meeting in Tempe in her official capacity, her campaign retweeted her office’s post.

When McSally posted on her official account she participated in a Town Hall with Toyota Financial Services employees, she did not mention the event was in Chandler, outside of the district.

Traveling even further out of her district, Martha McSally spent a multiple-day fundraising tour in Texas. This coincided with 9/11 and while her social media posted multiple times, it appears the congresswoman did not attend any memorial events in her district.

In previous years she has attended the Tucson 9/11 Tower Challenge. Skipping to fundraise out of state shows McSally’s priorities may have shifted.

May 30: American Express, Phoenix

Aug. 7: Greater Phoenix Chamber, Phoenix

Aug. 8: Pat Tillman Veterans Center, Tempe

Aug. 10: Toyota Financial Services, Chandler

Aug. 17: Arizona Farm Bureau Maricopa County Annual Meeting, Tempe

Sept. 11: fundraiser, Dallas