Republican Louisiana Gubernatorial nominee Eddie Rispone is slated to attend a fundraiser hosted by former Monroe City School Board member Vickie Krutzer on Nov. 7, who was previously caught in multiple racist scandals during her tenure on the school board.

In 2012, The News-Star reported that Krutzer sent an email to fellow board members in Monroe City in which she took issue with the school district’s transportation department because it was “almost all minority” and subsequently caused her “nothing but headaches.”

Krutzer defended her remarks at the time by claiming, “I’m a white woman. I’m a minority too.”

However, Krutzer’s then-fellow board member, Rodney McFarland, made it clear that he believed she was blatantly referencing black Louisianans in her racist comments. “When she used the word minority, that means she is very much talking about black folks,” McFarland said in 2012.

Again in 2012, an accidental voicemail was left in the inbox of a Monroe City staffer of a conversation between Krutzer and a man who could be heard saying, “I mean Vickie, are any of these ‘n–’ got an IQ above 10 doesn’t have a problem.” According to reporting by The News-Star, the man was referencing black staffers involved in the Monroe City School District’s then-search for a new superintendent.

In the transcript of the voicemail, Krutzer did not appear to disagree or take aim at the man’s comments. McFarland believed the voice of the man recorded in the conversation with Krutzer was her husband, who is also slated to host the fundraiser Rispone is set to attend in just over a week.

It remains unclear whether Rispone — who is seeking to challenge current incumbent Gov. John Bel Edwards in Nov. — was aware of Krutzer’s previous racist remarks when he decided to schedule the fundraiser in the first place.


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