North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis has been promoting a dangerous and untested “miracle” drug, Hydroxychloroquine  – which has not proven effective in remedying coronavirus – as he holds a major financial stake in several of its pharmaceutical producers, including Sanofi and Novartis. 

Tillis offered Hydroxychloroquine as a potential cure to coronavirus to his constituents at a tele townhall on April 9, 2020.  The Food and Drug and Administration (FDA) has recently warned the drug is not safe due to harmful side effects. 

The drug is manufactured by pharmaceutical giants such as Novartis, Sanofi, and Amneal Pharmaceuticals. And according to Senate financial disclosure reports, Tillis stands to benefit from these companies’ efforts – Tillis holds up to $200k in funds with stocks in all these pharmaceutical organizations. 

Tillis’ not so coincidental push for the wonder drug, comes as the other U.S. Senators – such as Kelly Loeffler (GA.), David Perdue (GA.), and Richard Burr (NC) – have been accused of insider trading of stock in relation to COVID-19.  

In November, amid sinking approval statewide, Tillis is seeking reelection as U.S. Senator from North Carolina. 

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