Despite warnings by federal and local authorities, a litany of Trump-owned properties flouted Coronavirus guidelines days, even weeks, after the crisis had begun rapidly intensifying across the U.S.

As recently as four days ago, restaurants in the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. were hosting dessert buffets, even promoting “dessert night” events. And the Ivanka Trump spa, located within Trump’s Washington D.C. hotel, promoted sales on lavish St. Patrick’s Day facials through March 17.

Down the street, Trump’s Washington D.C. golf course pushed Facebook followers to use it’s tennis courts and for patrons to sign up for tennis tournaments as late as March 14

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Coronavirus can be transmitted via touching surfaces or others where the virus is still active.

In Florida, the Trump Palm Beach Golf Course continued to promote its putting greens,even after three recent visitors to his nearby Mar-A-Lago club, who may have been in close contact with the president, had tested positive for Coronavirus. “It’s a beautiful day for Golf!,” Trump Palm Beach’s twitter account said on March 16.

And on March 11, Trump National in Doral, Fla., even hosted a baby shower with an expectant mother. 

As the crisis continues to compound across the country, and millions more lives are put at risk, it is apparent Trump-owned properties have placed American’s health squarely behind profit margins that ultimately benefit the president.  

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