As coronavirus cases in Arizona have spiked dramatically in recent weeks, a host of Republican lawmakers in the state are beginning to hold in-person campaign rallies and events, potentially endangering the lives of Arizonans to promote their reelection bids. 

As of June 7, over 1,200 Arizonans have been hospitalized with confirmed cases of coronavirus. Despite this alarming trend, multiple GOP candidates are beginning to hold in-person events this week, including Republican Arizona State Rep. Anthony Kern (Dist. 20) and GOP U.S. Senate candidate Daniel McCarthy, who are promoting a joint campaign rally today where masks and social distancing measures are not required for attendance. 

“No social distancing required, no masks required, snacks available,” read the event’s invitation. 

Other state Arizona GOP lawmakers beginning in-person campaign events are State Sen. Sylvia Allen (Dist. 6) and State Rep. Walt Blackman (Dist. 6) – who are hosting events on Thursday, June 11, and another on Friday, June 12. 

In November, Rep. Kern, Rep. Blackman and Sen. Allen are all seeking reelection to their respective offices in the Arizona Legislature. 

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