Since 2002, Texas Republican Representative Lynn Stucky (HD-64) has been a member of the Board of Directors of The Kanakuk Institute, an extremist anti-LGBTQ religious education program that requires students and staff to abide by a homophobic and discriminatory code of conduct.

Rep. Stucky’s tenure on the board of the Kanakuk Institute is the latest example of his long history of promoting anti-LGBTQ views and homophobic bills while serving in elected office.

The Kanakuk Institute’s handbook denotes a wide range of anti-LGBTQ practices and policies enforced during Rep. Stucky’s tenure on the board. The institute prohibits any non-heterosexual relationships or marriages, defines one’s “sex” as their biological sex assigned at birth, and forbids staff, students, and guests from criticizing or contradicting these standards.

The group also barred attending students from supporting any messages that contradicted their strict standards. Kanakuk’s handbook also specified that staff could be fired for violating any standard against LGBTQ relationships and reserved the right to immediately dismiss any student who engaged in “homosexual behavior.”

Rep. Stucky’s role on the board of this homophobic discriminatory institute is in line with his anti-LGBTQ legislative record and public statements. In April 2020, he stated during an interview that it is a “legitimate concern” that people may abuse trans-inclusive bathroom laws. In 2017, he co-authored and voted for a bill allowing adoption agencies to deny LGBTQ couples from fostering or adopting children, and he voted for a legislative amendment that would ban transgender students from using the bathroom that matches their gender. Most recently, in 2019, Rep. Stucky voted for the “Save Chick-fil-A” bill that would prevent local governments from banning businesses that explicitly discriminated against LGBTQ individuals.

Rep. Stucky is running for reelection to the Texas House of Representatives District 64.

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