During a recent interview with the Orlando Sentinel’s editorial board, Florida State Senate GOP candidate Jason Brodeur said he was “very proud” of his record in the Florida House of Representatives which included a vote against Medicaid expansion and votes that cut $174 million from the local needs budgets of county health departments, which are on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Florida has one of the worst health care systems in the country. It’s ranked 41st out of 50 when graded on affordability, prevention and treatment, avoidable hospital use and costs, as well as income and racial disparity. It’s also the worst state for children “without a medical home,” meaning children without a primary care doctor. Even employed Floridians pay more for their insurance costs than most other states. The COVID-19 pandemic has likely put additional stress on this already ailing health care system.

Despite these grim facts, Brodeur noted that he does not regret any of his votes in the Florida House of Representatives. His vote against Medicaid expansion, however, prevented 800,000 Floridians from receiving access to health care. And between 2012 to 2017, he voted to cut $174 million the local needs budgets of county health departments (see footnotes for yearly votes). These departments are facing unprecedented strain during the pandemic and were already suffering under the crushing weight of Florida’s inadequate health care system.

Former Representative Brodeur is running for the Florida State Senate District 9 in 2020. For more information on his record, click here.

Cut $110 million. [HB 5001, 2012]

Cut $10 million. [SB 1500, 2013]

Cut $28 million. [SB 2500A, 2015]

Cut $17 million. [HB 5001, 2016]

Cut $9 million. [SB 2500, 2017]


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