According to a review by American Ledger, GOP State Representative Jeff Weninger (LD-17) lied about his affiliation with and work on a domestic violence commission in Chandler, Arizona.

In a recent interview with the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce, Weninger mentioned that he was previously a member of the Chandler Domestic Violence Commission. He also claimed to be a member of a “Domestic Violence Commission” on his campaign website and his official State Legislator House Member website.

However, records obtained by American Ledger from the City of Chandler show that Weninger was never a member of the Chandler Domestic Violence Commission, which was established in 2005.

See here: Public Records Request -Domestic Violence Commission Members _Redacted

While completely misrepresenting his post on the Chandler Domestic Violence Commission, Weninger has actually voted twice to allow domestic abusers easier access to firearms by supporting legislation that would stop background check requirements for private gun sales. Prominent groups that advocate for domestic violence victims and gun violence survivors, including the Arizona Coalition To End Sexual and Domestic Violence and the Giffords Law Center, have stated that these background checks, which Weninger opposed, stop abusers from getting guns.

Rep. Weninger is up for reelection to the Arizona State Legislature in November 2020.

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