Voters at a local meet and greet campaign event with Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Jennifer Dorow were treated to an unusual account of how she developed her views on contemporary journalism in the United States.

Speaking last month about her experience as an intern working in a television newsroom in 1991, during the period of time when serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s was arrested and information about crimes were publicly disclosed, Dorow said:

“Well, when I was going to college and I had the privilege of doing things like having internships, being in the newsroom, I actually was on the news desk at Channel 12 as an intern when Jeffrey Dahmer hit. And I [had] my eyes were opened wide, even then in 1991 about how liberal the media was. And I said, ‘I don’t want to do this.’”

Dorow did not expand upon exactly which aspect of the news coverage of the serial killer’s capture, arrest, and full revelation of his crimes drove her to this indictment about the media as a whole.

Dorow has previously expressed far-right opinions regarding the acceptance of gay relationships, going as far as to oppose a 2003 Supreme Court ruling decriminalizing homosexual intercourse, indicating that it was among the worst decisions in U.S. Supreme Court history.

Dorow is running in the state’s nonpartisan primary for the Supreme Court seat on Feb. 21st. The top two vote getters will proceed to the general election on April 4.

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