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Accountability | West Virginia

Justice’s History of Nominating Anti-Vaxxers Opens Door to Catastrophic Coronavirus Response

By Cole Driver on March 30, 2020.

In early 2018, billionaire West Virginia Governor Jim Justice appointed two state legislators who pushed dangerous bills that undermined the necessity of vaccinations for school children, raising concerns about the Governor’s own views on vaccinations should a coronavirus vaccine become available in the future.   

Corruption & Secrecy | West Virginia

Self-Enrichment Update: Billionaire Jim Justice Pays Himself $24K For Trump Jr. Fundraiser

By Cole Driver on January 9, 2020.

In October, West Virginia billionaire Jim Justice’s campaign flexed his spending muscle by paying his own resort -- and himself -- $24,000 for hosting a fundraiser to benefit his campaign headlined by Donald Trump Jr.

Accountability | West Virginia

Billionaire Jim Justice Collected $125,000 In Taxpayer-Funded Ag Bailouts While Evading Taxes

By Cole Driver on October 21, 2019.

Earlier this year, billionaire West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice’s family farm accepted $125,000 in federally funded agriculture bailouts around the same time he attempted to evade paying millions in delinquent taxes on his multiple properties and business enterprises.