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Corruption & Secrecy | West Virginia

Self-Enrichment Update: Billionaire Jim Justice Pays Himself $24K For Trump Jr. Fundraiser

By Cole Driver on January 9, 2020.

In October, West Virginia billionaire Jim Justice’s campaign flexed his spending muscle by paying his own resort -- and himself -- $24,000 for hosting a fundraiser to benefit his campaign headlined by Donald Trump Jr.

Accountability | West Virginia

Billionaire Jim Justice Collected $125,000 In Taxpayer-Funded Ag Bailouts While Evading Taxes

By Cole Driver on October 21, 2019.

Earlier this year, billionaire West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice’s family farm accepted $125,000 in federally funded agriculture bailouts around the same time he attempted to evade paying millions in delinquent taxes on his multiple properties and business enterprises.