According to a review by American Ledger, Kansas GOP Senate candidate Roger Marshall bought and sold thousands of dollars of stock in the Chinese conglomerate Alibaba while repeatedly attacking the Chinese government and companies for their questionable practices.

From 2018 to 2020, Marshall bought and sold thousands of dollars worth of Alibaba stock. At the same time, he decried China for stealing “American intellectual property and [forcing] companies to share their technology in exchange for business.” Two weeks after buying more Alibaba stock in 2020, Marshall released his “Tough on China” plan that claimed to counter Chinese efforts to undermine American interests and national security.

Additionally in 2020, Marshall dumped up to $15,000 in Alibaba stock on the same day that he cosponsored the Fair Trade With China Enforcement Act. The bill did not specifically mention Alibaba but did call out other Chinese companies by name who were “reasonably believed to be owned or controlled by China.” The bill did suggest, however, that it would require “countervailing action” against Chinese “state-supported companies” such as Alibaba.

Marshall claims he has “consistently voted to counter Chinese influence around the world,” but Alibaba, the “state-supported company” he has invested thousands of dollars into over the last three years, has openly cooperated with the Chinese government, helped suppress dissent, engaged in data espionage, and sold counterfeit goods.

Marshall has supported legislation that is supposedly “Tough on China” while investing heavily in Alibaba, a major Chinese company that often collaborates with the Chinese government and engages in questionable activities against the Chinese people.

Marshall is running for the United States Senate in 2020.

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