In a newly uncovered radio interview, Va. State Sen. Bryce Reeves stated he believed women needed a transvaginal ultrasound in order to make a “rational” decision when seeking an abortion.

“This bill, transvaginal ultrasound bill, of which I got to tell you, I think helps women make a logical, rational decision,”  Reeves said on the John Fredericks radio show in December 2012.

Reeves was on-air declaring his support for SB 484, a bill passed by the Virginia legislature requiring women to forcibly undergo an invasive, transvaginal ultrasound 24 hours before seeking an abortion.

Reeves voted for the bill in February 2012.

Reeves’ statements are in line with his extreme anti-choice record during his time in the Virginia State Senate.

Reeves previously voted against ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment at least four separate times in the State Senate, and his current campaign website heralds Reeves as a defender of the rights of the “unborn.”

In November, Reeves is seeking re-election to represent Virginia’s 17th District.


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